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A Message From Dr. Gabriel Dunham, PT, DPT, Owner and Founder of Your PT Doc

If you’ve recently experienced a sports injury or have been dealing with one for a while, you might be tempted to dismiss it as insignificant and push through the pain, trying to carry on as best as possible.

Alternatively, you might feel disheartened and stuck, wondering if you’ll ever be able to return to your favorite sports or stay active like you used to.

You’re not alone in these struggles; many people face the same challenges. Our physio clinic in Austin, Texas, regularly encounter individuals living with sports and exercise-related injuries throughout the year.

Traditionally, doctors and medical professionals may advise rest or complete cessation of the activity causing the injury. However, we believe this approach is counterproductive and can lead to more harm and an increased risk of future injuries. Resting allows our muscles to weaken and atrophy, which explains why so many people with sports injuries find themselves asking:

"Why Am I Still Dealing With This Sports Injury After Months? Finding the Right Solution to Regain My Active Lifestyle."

When people experience a sports injury, they often believe that a few days of rest will suffice and they can resume their favorite activities quickly. However, upon returning to exercise, they find that their movements are still restricted, and in some cases, the pain may even be worse than when the injury first occurred. Rest may provide temporary relief, but the pain returns as soon as they resume activity, and no rest seems to improve the situation.

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

Another common scenario in our Physical Therapy Clinic is when individuals visit their doctors seeking advice for their sports injuries. The doctors typically suggest taking a break, resting, wearing support, and trying painkillers to see if the issue improves. Unfortunately, after four weeks of following this advice, the injury often remains unchanged. As a result, they return to the doctor, only to receive more rest instructions and stronger prescriptions.

Complete rest is rarely effective for sports injuries like hamstrings, ankle sprains, or a runner’s knee.

Perhaps you’re feeling confused and frustrated because different people have given you varying advice. You might think you have a back problem, but it could stem from your hip.

Sports injuries can be perplexing because the source of pain is not always where the problem lies. And if you rest for too long, other parts of your body might become equally, if not more, problematic.

This confusion about the benefits of “resting” often leads people to procrastinate and delay making a decision about how to effectively address their injury and return to their active lifestyle. Sadly, many individuals accept that their active days are over, considering it a normal or unavoidable fate.

How Can You Alleviate Pain From Sports Injuries?

Here are four essential steps you can take to alleviate pain and recover from your injury:

  1. Make a decisive decision to seek help: Don’t delay seeking assistance for your pain. Many people believe the pain will naturally fade over time, but as months pass, the problem persists or worsens, hindering their ability to engage in sports or exercise.

  2. Follow the right exercise regimen: Engage in a series of progressive exercises recommended by a Physical Therapist. These exercises are tailored to your specific injury, helping reduce pain, improve mobility, and facilitate a quick return to sports while minimizing the risk of future issues.

  3. Avoid excessive rest: While rest is important for recovery, too much of it may hinder your healing process. Adequate blood flow is crucial for recovery, and appropriate recovery and strengthening exercises, combined with hands-on treatment, can promote faster healing and restoration of your active lifestyle.

  4. Benefit from hands-on Physical Therapy: Physical Therapy has a proven track record of assisting individuals with sports injuries. At Your PT Doc clinic in Austin, Texas, we specialize in helping people recover from sports injuries throughout the year. Whether your injury affects your sports participation, job performance, or quality time with loved ones, our Physical Therapy can help you reclaim the life you deserve swiftly and safely

If you’re eager to discover how the Physical Therapy team at Your PT Doc can aid you in returning to an active life, we invite you to begin with a complimentary, risk-free appointment at one of our clinics. There’s no obligation, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve a speedy and successful recovery.

Note: The Free Total Body Diagnostic session is designed specifically for individuals who may be feeling anxious or doubtful about Physical Therapy, uncertain of its potential benefits or suitability for their needs. If you find yourself in this position, we encourage you to take advantage of the Free Total Body Diagnostic session. During this session, we will collaborate with you to identify any underlying issues and explore the appropriate course of action – all without any financial obligation or risk on your part.

So, The Next Question Is:

How can seeing a Physical Therapist at Your PT Doc effectively eliminate your sports injury for good?

Here are the ways we can make a significant impact on your recovery:

At Your PT Doc, we aim to liberate you from the frustrating sports injuries that plague your daily life and enable you to resume your favorite exercises.

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